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portfolio of publications

where have you seen me?

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  • semifinalist, houston youth poet laureate, houston mayor’s office of cultural affairs, fall 2021

creative nonfiction

  • the smallest of my memories – forthcoming in river river, issue 12.5


  • paradox – scholastic silver, 2018
  • value – jr vase 4, 2018
  • some things never change – forthcoming in pidgeonholes, unknown date of publication
  • there is so much to love – maple street journal, spring 2021
  • look both ways before you cross the street – maple street journal, spring 2021



  • november 7th, 2020; masks up mics out at sunset lounge; write a poem about your first car
  • january 16th, 2021; speak into existence virtual slam; hgtv
  • april 10th, 2021; march for our lives houston; give it a name
  • may 29th, 2021; masks up mics out at big brothers big sisters houston; the pretender
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