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let’s talk about publications!

hey everyone! today i’m going to talk about publications and some good ways to build your resume.

to start off with:

so, generally simultaneous submissions are an excellent way to get a higher number of your poems published. for those who don’t know, this is when you submit a set of poems to say, ten places at a time. i submitted one set at a time for a whole year, and once i started simultaneously submitting, acceptances doubled. PLEASE NOTE, however, that some magazines reeeeaaaallly do not like simultaneous submissions. most times they’ll note this in their submission guidelines. it’s generally good to add in your cover letter that something is simultaneous regardless, so it’s less of a surprise if you have to withdraw. i’d recommend keeping a spreadsheet, so that you know exactly where to notify and withdraw.

good ways to build your resume!

especially if you’re a teen, but also in general, zines are a great way to get your poems published fast with an almost 100% acceptance rate. i’ll talk more about zines in a later post, but for now just know that there is a SURGE of them on instagram- if you type in ‘zine’, you’ll find hundreds.

another place to look would be the Poets and Writer’s Directory. this is an excellent directory of *most* literary magazines still around today. some downsides would be that it’s certainly not all-inclusive (they rejected my magazine), and a lot of the listings tend to be outdated. if you’re mass-submitting, though, it’s a great resource.

one last helpful resource, which i’ll also have a later post about, is Submittable. this is what i use for a solid 60% of my submissions. they have an excellent discover page in addition to a submission tracker (which, on PC, you can add universal submissions to) and you can submit through the engine. the only downside is that there is a rather low acceptance rate for most magazines listed there, as it’s a pay-to-play situation for MAGAZINES (not users), so these are typically magazines with funding that can afford to be a bit more selective. still a great resource.

alright, i think that’s all for now. as always, thanks for tuning in!



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