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hey everyone! i figured that i should start blogging here as a way to expand my platform and keep people updated as to what i’m doing! so, what am i doing?

well, currently, i’m building a name for myself. i have a book i’m seeking representation for that’s currently being reviewed by five agents, which is super cool. i’m writing legitimately every day. i’ve started writing a second book. i’m building an instagram platform. (290 followers and counting! woo!) i’m posting on reddit? (not sure why) i’m really just vibing.

what am i listening to as i come, see, and conquer, you might ask? i’m bopping to:

what tea am i drinking? that’s a little personal, but currently vibing with masala chai. it’s good iced or hot, and with milk. definitely a solid 10/10.

what candle am i burning? are you stalking me? it’s a glade honey praline candle. my room smells like candy, it’s lovely.

anyways, thanks for vibing with me! i’ll keep you updated on all of my adventures here, so stay tuned.



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